Buttonwood offers free distributed exchange for enterprises. Enterprises can customize the front-end of the system, achieve the cross-platform trading, and quickly deploy their own trading system;

Solve the circulation problem of various digital currencies for enterprise customers;

Customize exchange-based financial application products for cooperative enterprises; and

Build a bridge of communication between enterprises and forges a shared and win-win blockchain ecosystem.


Personalized Front-End:

  • Support custom front-end layout, including home page, personal center, and market trading interface;
  • The system language internationalization, can quickly add the national language that users need;
  • The system logo, banner, etc. to achieve background configuration;

  • The K line is a professional K line, the drawing of the candle chart, the rules of the Yang line, the Yin line, the upper shadow line, and the lower shadow line follow the market rules;
  • Red and green display can be customized according to user needs;
  • K line can customize the type of moving line, price average line type, technical indicators, etc.;
  • All the cooperative enterprises of Wutong Tree share the depth of the market;

Transaction Combination :

  • The matching rule follows the principle of price priority and time priority;
  • The cooperative enterprise can realize cross-platform transactions, that is, the order can be matched between the platforms;
  • TThe matching mechanism adopts a memory matching scheme to ensure the accuracy of transactions through real-time state synchronization of multiple independent engine clusters.

Asset Management:

  • Each cooperative enterprise manages assets independently to ensure data independence;
  • Provide a back-end management system to view the transaction and asset profiles of the enterprise user group
  • The enterprise can manage the assets by itself;

Background management system :

  • Provide operational data statistics and report statistics functions for enterprises to facilitate data analysis by enterprises;
  • comprehensive user management, you can configure security settings as needed, such as real-name authentication, Google verification, KYC authentication, email authentication, SMS verification, Google verification and other risk control systems;
  • The transaction parameter settings can flexibly configure system parameters, including currency configuration, market settings, channel management, asset transfer settings, asset transfer settings, sub-commission settings, etc.
  • Financial risk management, which can customize the limit and number of funds, and control risks from multiple platforms and individuals;

APP Client :

  • Providing an APP client for the cooperative enterprise, the APP client currently includes the ios and Android versions;
  • The cooperative enterprise can customize the layout of the APP homepage.