Our technical team has rich experience in the industry. They develop systems independently. The application architecture of the exchange adopts front-back end separation, which can quickly customize personalized front-end for customers;

We understand the market in depth. There are quite a few mature product cases in the market. The product type covers exchange products, as well as other derivatives such as wallet in the blockchain industry, blockchain browser, DAPP application, etc.;

We offer follow-up system maintenance for cooperative enterprises. We also can assist enterprises in the development of new functions and research and development of other financial products, including futures, options, and so on. We offer safeguard for a steady business growth of the enterprises;

We build a sharing bridge for our partners, so that they can communicate and assist each other; and

We will offer free “Financial Application Cloud” service in the future. Our allies can find the applications they need on the basis of their business models.

Technical Architecture

The system overall architecture includes: client (browser), interface UI layer, Rabbit MQ/Kafka client agent, Rabbit MQ/Kafka service, business logic layer, data access layer, database and common component layer. The invocation order between each layer is from top to bottom that cannot be skipped.

Architectural advantages

- Adopt front-back end separation. The back-end offers a stateless Rest API interface;

- Prevent cross-site script attack and injection. The interceptor filters users’ invalid requests and parameters;

- Data transmission: HTTPS secure transmission, sensitive content encryption, and digital signature;

- Encrypted storage of sensitive data;

- Adopt master-slave synchronization mechanism to backup data automatically in real time; and

- Adopt blockchain technology to settle the fund of the exchange system.

System Characteristics

Market Chart

  • - Comprehensive market data to offer reliable trading information for traders;
  • - Multi-cycle K line to offer easy-to-read market trend;
  • - Professional drawing tools are the best choice for traders; and
  • - A large number of technical indicators, analysis and prediction facilitate decision-making.

Wallet Security

  • - Cancel online hot wallet, and all exchange users' wallet addresses are generated by offline cold wallet;
  • - Individual financial review system cooperates with multi-signature wallet management to manage each in and out of the digital currency. No individual employee can touch any complete cold wallet private key with signature action allowed only;
  • - Wallet server does not open any public network IP except the exchange; and
  • - Division of wallet-to-digital currency transfer authority to perform a real-time supervision of the working status and out of the wallet. Users’ wallet password adopts aes asymmetrical encryption to ensure the security of the password.